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This is the support page for the OS X version of Q-emuLator (a Sinclair QL emulator).

The Sinclair QL emulator for Mac OS X!

April 8th, 2018. Version 1.3 of Q-emuLator for OS X has been released, with support for mdump 2 microdrive images, more accurate sound emulation and a few compatibility improvements. (For a detailed list of all changes in this update, see the version history) Q-emuLator for OS X emulates the following QL hardware:

  • 68008 processor
  • keyboard
  • display (512x256x4, 256x256x8)
  • Aurora and Q60 video cards
  • interrupts
  • file system (access to Mac files, QDOS floppy disks, QXL.WIN files, .ZIP and .QLPAK packages, microdrive and floppy images)
  • sound
  • built-in ram disk
  • mouse support
  • TCP/IP driver
  • partial Gold Card emulation (to allow SMSQ/E to run)


System requirements: Mac with an Intel processor and OS X version 10.5 or later.
(If you have a PPC Mac and OS X 10.4 or earlier, you may still be able to run the old version for 68k Macs (442KB).)


[ICON] Download Q-emuLator 1.3 for OS X! (1.9 MB)


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Screenshot of Q-emuLator for OS X running Psion Easel:


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