Registering Q-emuLator

Q-emuLator for Windows ← Register Q-emuLator for Windows through PayPal ($35 USD, please write "Windows" in the payment comments)
Q-emuLator for Mac ← Register Q-emuLator for OS X through PayPal ($35 USD, please write "OS X" in the payment comments)
Q-emuLator for Mac+Windows ← Register Q-emuLator for both Windows and OS X through PayPal ($45 USD, please write "Both" in the payment comments)


Registrations codes are sent by email. Codes are usually sent within one business day, but in some cases please allow up to 72 hours for processing once the payment has cleared.
If you don't receive a registration code, please check your email spam folder and if still not found please contact me (the email address is at the bottom of this page).

The registration code will also be valid for any minor updates that might be released in the future: For example, if you purchase a code for version 1.0, the same code will also unlock future releases numbered 1.x (if any are released), but not version 2.0 or later.

Q-emuLator is shareware

Q-emuLator is a shareware product. You can use the basic version of Q-emuLator for free for personal, non-commercial use. The free version emulates a standard, unexpanded QL (plus access to the Mac/Windows file system and QL floppy disks). CPU emulation speed is limited to approximately match the speed of a real QL.
If you like Q-emuLator, you may want to support it by buying a registration code.
Registration unlocks many extra features like faster CPU emulation, quick loading of SuperBASIC programs, a more advanced file system supporting subdirectories, access to QXL.WIN files, .ZIP files, Aurora and Q60 video cards, TCP/IP driver, etc.



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